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Life Money Management is here to help you achieve greater satisfaction and control over your finances through education, organization and money management. By taking charge of your finances, you can relieve stress, improve the quality of life, and build a better future. We use a common sense approach to managing your income, your debts and your savings while helping you keep track of what is most important. It's that simple!

Our mission: Managing lives through managing money.

Life Money Management provides daily money management and financial coaching to those who have suffered a difficult financial setback and are stuck moving forward. We provide a balance of stability, patience, and integrity so you can get back on your feet. Our clients include busy executives, the elderly, and those who physically or mentally cannot manage their finances.

With Daily Money Management we provide personal bill paying, financial reports for tax preparers, help completing applications for services, and acting as a liaison for other professionals.

Our Financial Coaching program gives our clients peace, satisfaction, and control over their lives. Women who once felt like they were on a roller coaster with their money stabilize their finances and can finally accomplish their goals.

About Julianne Miller, AFC®

The day my client walked into the office overwhelmed because she didn’t know how to handle the bills, I vowed that I would help women understand their money so they would never need to worry about feeling lost again. I became an Accredited Financial Counselor (AFC®) with the Association for Financial Counselors and Planning Education so I could help women overcome that feeling of being lost.

Since that moment, I have worked with women to help them overcome their financial struggles. I have over seven years of experience and am qualified to help you overcome the stress of living paycheck to paycheck and get you on the path to reach your next goals. I understand the stress of running a household while working full-time. I understand about being pulled in different directions to help care for aging parents. I understand that sometimes work gets in the way of life and vice versa. And I understand it can feel embarrassing to ask questions about money for fear of looking stupid.

I feel so strongly about making sure women are comfortable with money that I advocate with other women through the Pennsylvania Business and Professional Women's Federation to ensure women are recognized, well-educated and trained, and appropriately paid for the work they do. I have been quoted as a contributor for Sammy Rabbit, Medium, Retirement Guide, and Insight magazine. I am also a wife, mother, sister, cousin (just ask me about my big family someday!) and small business owner who thrives on God and family. Respect, love, confidence, and compassion are values which are important to me. Some of the words clients and friends alike say about me include “calm, friendly, good at what she does, personable, professional, always a smile.” When clients work with me, they often feel as if I’ve eased their concerns and a weight has been lifted off their shoulders. More than anything, it is my mission to make sure women understand that they’re not alone when they have questions about money and they have the tools they need to feel confident with making decisions with their money.

My certification has taught me that there is a Standard of Practice and Code of Ethics that every business should follow. I want my clients to understand they are the foundation of my practice.

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