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Take control of your financial life!

Build a better life through money management

Welcome to a better financial future. Life Money Management is here to help clients achieve greater satisfaction and control over their finances through education, organized recordkeeping, and money management.  By taking charge of their finances, clients can relieve stress, improve the quality of life, and build a better future. No gimmicks, no tricks. Just a common sense approach to managing your income, your debts, your savings. It's that simple.

Our Mission

Helping people with finances

Life Money Management provides financial counseling and daily money management with integrity, professionalism, confidentiality and compassion to individuals who either want to learn how to manage their finances or who are unable to handle it themselves. Personal finance shouldn't be confusing or stressful but instead, should be a tool to depend on to move forward in life.

Life Money Management's clients include busy executives, elderly clients, and those who cannot physically or mentally handle their current financial setbacks.

LMM provides financial counseling services in budgeting, spending, obtaining insurance, researching mortgages, basic investing and more. LMM is not an agent and does not sell specific products. LMM educates and assists clients to define goals and decisions to reach them.

In LMM's experience, many people aren't interested with handling the everyday bills and paperwork or they can no longer do so. LMM provides daily money management services to clients who prefer to have someone else pay the bills, manage the paperwork, and otherwise keep them on track. LMM can prepare statements for tax preparers, help complete applications, act as a liaison, explain detailed forms, and assist with the household finances.

Contact Julianne Miller today to learn how LMM can help. LMM offers both short-term and long-term assistance. LMM is here to help clients manage their money so they can better manage their life.

Services & Benefits    


Financial Counseling

What future do you envision?

Where do you want to go in this life? What's important to you? Are you reaching your goals by managing your money? Do you need to learn the basics or do you have questions understanding the details? In any of these situations, LMM's Financial Counseling may be right for you.

LMM can guide you through the foundations and answer your questions to move forward. Let us define your goals and get you where you want to go. We can review your budget, discuss your income and expenses, and develop a plan to help you move forward. We can help you review detailed forms and understand how certain decisions affect you. We can teach you how to manage what you have, save for what you don't, and look forward to the life you want.

Services include:

  • Income and expenses
  • Benefits, payroll and taxes
  • Credit card budgeting
  • Insurance education*
  • Mortgage and housing education
  • Basic investing education*
  • Tax planning*
  • Retirement options*


money management

Daily Money Management

Personal Financial Assistance

Are you feeling overwhelmed? Are you running in multiple directions and feel like you're never home? Or are you confused on what needs to be done? Do you wish someone else could take care of it all for you?

Whether you are a frazzled executive, a busy family, a single mother at wits' end, or a retired senior, LMM can provide daily money management services to ease the stress of handling everyday bills and finances. Let LMM take care of the bills and paperwork and keep you up-to-date. By keeping the bills paid on time and organized, you can avoid late fees, overdraft charges, poor credit scores and more. Let LMM save you time and money so you can live the life you want without the added worry and pressure that comes with financial issues.

Services include:

  • Receive and pay bills
  • Monitor statements; correspond with vendors
  • Update and reconcile bank and credit card statements
  • Provide reports and updates
  • Review your payroll deductions and benefits
  • Create reports as needed for financial advisors and accountants
  • Maintain records and reports for tax items
  • Review and discuss credit reports
  • Create budgets and savings plans
  • Work together with your attorneys, advisors, and accountants

Services can be provided on a short-term or long-term basis.  Call today for a free consultation!


Benefits of working with Julianne Miller

Personal, compassionate help

What are the benefits of financial counseling or money management?

  • Be an informed consumer
  • Feel confident in the financial decisions you make
  • Avoid late fees and overdrafts
  • Improve your credit score
  • Strengthen family bonds by working together toward goals and decisions
  • Know where your money is going and where you want it to go
  • Free up your time to enjoy your life

*Please note that we do not perform services or sell products otherwise provided by licensed professionals such as insurance agents, Certified Public Accountants, and Certified Financial Advisors. LMM can educate you on some of the options and direct you to the proper professional.